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What our customers have to say

“This software is awesome; everyone of my reviews and requests for care extension has been approved since we’ve implemented it….we just received a PI check for $12,000 from one insurance company.”

-Darren D. Hancock DC, CCSPTWC IncChicago Sports & Chiropractic

“The objective of the Outcomes Assessment (OA) web based tool is to offer the Chiropractor a simple but validated method to document medical necessity and continue to get paid. The moment the patient completes their electronic based OA forms an immediate report of findings is generated documenting treatment results. This objective data becomes invaluable in attesting the patient’s improved quality of life.”

-Kim Christensen DC, DACRB, CCSP, CSCS

“Outcomes Assessment software is a state of the art tool to help you document by measurement and support the medical necessity of the care you deliver.”

Mark Sanna, DC

“In my opinion, the use of outcome assessments are the single most important thing chiropractors can do to prove medical necessity.  This isn’t just for certain patient – it’s for everyone.  The present and future of chiropractic depends on us showing the world just how effective chiropractic is.”

Gregg Friedman, DC

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Core Features

Dozens of authorized questionnaires that are computer scored providing interpretation on every Patient’s Outcomes Assessment Summary Report. Valid documentation that demonstrates IMPROVEMENT and FURTHER TREATMENT NECESSARY to normalize your patient.

  • General Health Information
  • Pain Measurement
  • Spine Related Condition-specific Questionnaires
  • and more….

Complete List of All Questionnaires

General Health Information
– Health Status Questionnaire – RAND 36
Pain Measurement
– Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale
– Pain Disability Questionnaire
Spine-related Condition-specific Questionnaires
– Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire
– Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire
– Back Bournemouth Questionnaire
– Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire
– Neck Disability Index Questionnaire
– Copenhagen Neck Functional Disability Scale
– Headache Disability Index
– Dizziness Handicap Inventory
– Tinnitus Handicap Inventory
– TMD Disability Index
– Spinal Stenosis Treatment Outcome Questionnaire
– Modified Roalnd (Sciatica) Questionnaire
Extremity Condition-specific Questionnaires
– Upper Extremity
– Shoulder Injury Self-Assessment of Function Questionnaire
– Shoulder Pain and Disability Index
– Mayo Elbow Performance Index
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Questionnaire
– Patient Related Wrist Evaluation
Lower Extremity
– Hip Rating Questionnaire
– Patellofemoral Function Scale
– Knee Score Questionnaire
– Ankle Grading System
Functional Rating/Global Well-Being
– Functional Rating Index
– Global Well-Being Scale
Psychometric Questionnaires
– Waddell’s Nonorganic Low Back Pain Signs
– Modified Zung Depression Index
– Modified Somatic Perception Questionnaire
Risk Factor Assessment
– Red Flag Questionnaire
– Risk Factor Assessment: Initial
– Risk Factor Assessment: Re-Exam
Range of Motion Assessment
Strength & Endurance Assessment
– Alaranta Functional Tests
– Physical Performance Test – Strength
Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire
– Satisfaction Questionnaire